From The President’s Desk

From The President’s Desk

It’s with great pleasure and with the blessings of Lord Shiva that Saiva Siddhanta Mandram Malaysia (SSMM) has taken a bold step towards IT to move towards the needs of the younger generation. For the past 34 years, SSMM has been publishing a beautiful magazine without fail every month called “SIVANERI”. There were many monthly or biennial Hindu magazines published by various organizations. Most of them have either disappeared from the market or the organizations have winded up for good. I must admit that we had many shortcomings in releasing the magazine on time. The reason being we do not have sincere and dedicated volunteers. Secondly we are unable to get original articles for the publication. Thirdly there was a big delay in delivering the magazine on time by printers. Finally with all the money spent each month most of the time the magazine reaches the home after the events are over.


It was with great difficulties and challenges the Management has decided that we should flow with the development of modern needs. There were many requests from members why can’t the magazine be inserted into the Mandram’s Web page? This will allow the members and the public to get access easily anytime and everywhere. After serious discussions and brain storming, the Management decided to have its own web page. We managed to get the services of consultant Mr. Shankar Varman who was appointed as the Mandram consultant and we needed some basic helpers to ensure the magazine is placed in the web page on time. Hence after great efforts, I wish to thank three people who have come forward to assist us in the maintenance of the web page. They are Ms. Tamilarasi, the magazine editor, Mr. Sashi an engineer who has good I.T. knowledge and Mr. Sri who is our graphic designer. This is just the beginning and the web page is still under construction. But we have decided and as promised the February issue will be published in our Web page. Gradually the full outlook of the web page will be revealed once it is completed. In the mean time I urge members to surf through the web page and give positive suggestions to improve the web page.


I also humbly seek volunteers who have well IT background to come and renderer their services because we have to update all our activities on a regular basis. I also wish to thank Mr. Sentil, the secretary of the Tamil Sangam who has agreed to assist us in providing regular Tamil articles, related to language, religion, culture, traditions and customs of the Tamil people. I also would like to thank our printers Mr. Manikam, who has been printing the magazine without much profit that was his small way of contributing towards the Mandram.


The web page will have the following sections, such as Photo Gallery, Facebook, Religious Articles, Children Corner, Yoga, Siddha Medicine, Vegetarian Recipes’, Upcoming Events, Youtube, Audio Section, Branch Activities, International Section connecting with world organizations, Karunai  Illam and Anbu Illam updates, Q & A on our religion. I also would like to welcome any special functions carried out by our members to be sent to the Mandram’s email so that we can include them in our magazine. This is also our preparations to organize the next World Saiva Council Conference in Kuala Lumpur. We urge all our members to make the change towards enhancing IT so that we can keep pace with the changing world. Let’s all pray that our mini launch on the 1st of February 2017 will take off without any problems. Those who still feel that you want the Sivaneri to be mailed; I suggest that you can request the magazine to be sent via email by notifying the Mandram through email or by a letter.


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